Long stay guests suggestions and photos


Our latest guest Kenn Shiel stayed at the Villa for two months and has been kind enough to share some nice photos from his stay togheter with a few suggestions for future guests staying at the Mountain Breeze Villa. Thanks Kenn for being a great guest at the Villa and for sharing your experience with us. Kenns suggestions and photos below.

  •  Kitesurfing: now avaialble at Dolphin Bay Hotel b) Best Kitesurfing Nov-May. Good british run kitesurfing school with some of best kitesurfing in Thailand:  http://www.airstylerskiteschool.com/. It’s on the very beautiful beach at Pak Nam Pran. 11,000 Bhat gets you three day course which gets you up on the board so very rewarding! I give more details about this since I am very into it!
  • Amy’s restaurant with take-away menu and phone number. By far the best food in the area
  • For Danish/western food try Oriental Beach Resort (danish run) just down the road
  • We got our daily coffee fix from Baam and Gunni – two lovely ladies who are situated on the beach. Called Bon Cafe. Food and massage attached to that is also the best on the each apart from Amy’s which is good for dinner
  • Hansaar is nice to visit and hang out
  • All hotels etc you go to to have a drink or eat allow you to use their facilities
  • Oriental Beach Resort has a gym and best swimming pool in area. One day pass payable at the shop for 50Bhat or unlimited monthly for 500 Bhat. The shop there is also pretty good and open until 21:00
  • Best shop in the area for beer, water, ice is as you turn out of the lane to and immediately on the left and they are lovely people
  • Sweet Honey Coffee not bad either for a coffee
  • On the same road as Sweet Honey Coffee as you go down to the beach on the right they have the best noodle soup in the area for 30Bhat – that was often our take-away lunch
  • Include more info about the different National Park entrances. You can buy a one day ticket at any of the gates and then use them to access all the sites.
  • Tesco Pranburi is by far best place to do a bit shop. We tried Makro – not easy
  • Highly recommend for people who stay here to have a car. Avis do good monthly deals at 21000BHAT and of course you can do shorter. Car was excellent. They have airport office and Sathorn Rd in Caltex Garage. Also they have mini bus for a few hundred Bhat
  • Hospitals: I went to Pranburi Hosptial and very efficient and excellent service. It cost me 250BHAT to see two doctors and get the medication I needed. It’s a military hospital too so they have good doctors. For more international hospitals we used Bangkok Hospital in Hua Hin. They also have Sao Paolo which is meant to be equally as good
  • Hua Hin Market Village is a good place to go if you want shopping, Boots, Starbucks, a bigger Tescos. 40 mins by car.
  • Didn’t think Pranburi Saturday market by railway was that worth it. I would add the daily market along the road outside. Monday market by far the best opposite the temple. We became friends with many of the vendors since we went there on a daily basis.




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10% off your stay for May- August, 2014

Summer discount at Mountain Breeze Villa. Get 10% off your stay from May to August, 2014.

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DPM Golf court – Free Golf in Sam Roi Yot

DPM G>olf court sourrounded by beutiful mountain scenery

DPM Golf court sourrounded by beutiful mountain scenery

We tried out the DPM golf court in Sam Roi Yot during christmas. It is a state run golf court where you may play free of charge,  you may however, if you wish, pay a small donation fee. Golf clubs can be rented at 300 baht a day and a bag of balls bought at 100 baht. It is a nice 9 hole golf court where beginners can try out golf at a very low cost. The DPM golf club is located at the south end of Dolphin Bay beach only 5 km from Mountain Breeze Villa.

2013-12-23 12.09.47

At DPM golf club the whole family can join.

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Aerial video of Sam Roi Yot

A nice aerial video showcasing Sam Roi Yot and the Dolphin Bay area where the Mountain Breeze Villa is located. The second part of the film is shot at Hat Nom Sao at the south end of Dolphin Bay.

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Old Pranburi railway station Saturday market


Pranburi colonial train station

Recently Saturdays have become market day at old Pranburi colonial railway community. A visit takes one back in time for a glimpse of life at an old sleepy railway community of Thailand. A visit on a Saturday is a livelier business. On Saturdays old Pranburi is filling up with people that come for the market day. The old shop houses have turned to antique shops or coffee houses. The community is well worth a visit any day of the week for the calming atmosphere and on Saturdays should you wish to partake in an old style Thai disco.

Following is an excerpt from a Bangkok Post article about old Pranburi:

“MEMORY LANE: The community around the old Pran Buri railway station, where different activities and plenty of food stalls keep things lively on Saturday afternoons.

There are communities next to railway lines that combine all of these features. Rail travel has been a part of Thai culture for almost 100 years. Thais were taking trains before there were cars. The railway was the pioneering form of long-distance travel, and even though we now have cars and highways, rail travel has not lost its appeal.

In the past, railway stations were travel hubs. They might have been located at the beginning or end of a dirt trail traversed by ox cart, or near a canal on which travelers arrived by boat to take connecting trains. Surrounding the station would be hotels and other accommodation, as well as a shopping area. In some places, the train station was located near government offices, hospitals, police stations, Buddhist temples, shrines or mosques.

Such stations are still around, complete with evidence of their past prosperity at Muang Lampang, Ban Phachee in Saraburi and in many other places.

The community near the railway station in Pran Buri is worth a visit. It is not more than 20km from Hua Hin station, and in the past both held equal importance as provincial stations of Prachuap Khiri Khan. Both had all the facilities needed to support a community, although Hua Hin was more developed because it was already a tourist destination.

Then, some 30 years ago, the Pran Buri district office was moved to a new location on Phetkasem Road, a good distance from the original site, and everything was transferred, including the population _ at least those who chose to relocate.

The old district was downgraded to a sub-district, and the community that had lived near the railway station left. Nothing new has been built there since. All that is left is a smattering of old wooden homes and shop houses, and little happens by way of buying or selling, except for basic necessities and a few leftover goods.

The government offices have lost their importance. The hospital now only provides basic care. Wooden residences built for government workers are deserted while the old school building remains. Everything is old, including the plants and trees. But the older these get, the bigger and broader they become; now lush, they provide shade.

The lifestyle is quiet and slow, and the locals feel at peace with themselves. But tranquility is not all that the area has to offer. It has an atmosphere of special beauty. On one side of the railroad station is a bridge that crosses the Pran Buri River. Both banks are shaded by trees, and the water is smooth and still. The community has a special atmosphere that sets it apart from most others.


Ancient Jumjuree tree shadowing Pranburi railway square


Sunset behind Pranburi square


Antique shop at pranburi market


Part of old Pranburi town


Ancient wooden shop turned coffee house


King Bumibool paying Pranburi a visit in his young days


Old movie posters adorning the walls of old coffee house

Nighttime Disco at Pranburi square

Nighttime Disco at Pranburi square

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Fresh soft-boiled duck eggs from Pranburi market


Fresh soft-boiled duck egg from Pranburi market, cooked to perfection eight minutes from simmering water, here pictured with newly baked scones and parmigiano cheese.

Last evening we got some fresh duck eggs from Pranburi market, straight from the farm, still soiled by by the straw and droppings from the roost. Easily cleaned under running water however these day fresh eggs packed with nutrients make for a delicious breakfast in the open. A far cry in both taste and texture from the supermarket eggs one get in the big city this is just one of the advantages coming out to the countryside once in a while.

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Mountain Breeze Villa - Pranburi

Mountain Breeze Villa in the evening

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10% off your stay May-June, 2013

Special May-June offer at Mountain Breeze Villa. Get 10% off your stay during May and June, 2013

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Ban Khung Tanot – The fishing village perched between ocean and mountain

Brightly colored cottages line the street at Ban Khung Tanot

Brightly colored cottages line the street at Ban Khung Tanot

Ban Khung Tanot is the little fishing village perched on a narrow stretch of land at the foot of the green mountains of the protruding cape of  Sam Roi Yot. This is the starting point for the trek to Sai Cave and there is also a 3 km long track leading to Phraya Nakhon Cave. Ban Khung Tanot is quite picturesque, small brightly colored cottages line the two roads passing through, one lining the beach and the other parallel just one block inland. Fishermen gather at dusk sorting their nets by the beach accompanied by a bottle of Leo beer.

At this particular visit my intention was to hike the long 3 km route to Phraya Nakhon Cave. Gladly starting out I climbed the first part discovering a view point up at the first mountain. I took notice of the harsh growing conditions that some of the local fauna has adapted to. Trees and cacti growing from the limestone crevices with not the slightest supply of soil.

Continuing the Trek for Phraya Nakhon it seemed that not many travelers had been beating this particular path as it became increasingly bushy and hard to follow. At some point lost in the jungle I was surprised by packs of monkeys rushing by in the foliage. Having heard of the fierce leopard cats that roam the mountains of sam roi yot, at this stage perhaps I started to lose a little of the curage to move on. Finally totally lost and the hour getting late I had to try a return for Ban Khung Tanot before dark not reaching the final destination of Tham Praya Nakhon. A good advice for adventurers that want to try this hike is to start early in the day to allow for enough time to finish before dusk.

Small houses perched by the foot of the mountain at Ban Khung Tanot

Small houses perched by the foot of the mountain at Ban Khung Tanot

A shrine built into the mountainside at Ban Khung Tanot

A shrine built into the mountainside at Ban Khung Tanot

Ancient trees line one of two roads passing through Ban Khung Tanot

Ancient trees line one of two roads passing through Ban Khung Tanot

Ban Thung Thanot perched between ocean and mountain seen from the first mountain top

Ban Thung Thanot perched between ocean and mountain seen from the first mountain top

Nice views from the first mountain top

Nice views of virgin beaches from the first mountain top

Resistant tree taking root in the limestone crevices

Resistant tree taking root in the limestone crevices

Sole cactus coming up directly from the rock

Sole cactus coming up directly from the rock

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Dry Martini – A timeless classic


The Dry Martini one of the timeless classic drinks is quite old as far as modern mixed drinks go. It probably originated in San Francisco as the Martinez during the wild Gold-rush years of the 1850s by a celebrated local bartender named Jerry Thomas. Thomas recipe however was anything but dry and perhaps neither is the recipe I’ll share tonight as far as purists go.

You’ll need:

One chilled cocktail glass
5 cl of your favorite gin
1 cl of your favorite dry vermouth
A spiraled lime peel

Stir the gin and vermouth frosty in a shaker over a mountain of crushed ice. Strain into a well chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a spiraled lime peel. Enjoy slowly…

Some important points to notice with a Dry Martini is that the drink will never be better than the quality of your gin and vermouth, especially the Gin. Therefor it is of the utmost importance that you’ll use a good quality gin, one that is enjoyable on its own. The vermouth should be dry even if the quality of this wine is not as important as that of the Gin. The garnish is personal matter, while some prefer olives I enjoy the cryptonic look of the lime peel and the slight citric character it gives to the drink. If you’ll prefer your martini dryer cut down on the vermouth. Some purists prefer only coating the inside of the glass while the extremists only shake the vermouth bottle over the glass.



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