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Hat Nom Sao – Legendary beach of the young girls breasts

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Mountain Breeze Villa - Hat Nom Sao - Nom Sao Beach

Nom Sao Beach – Islets just outside the beach

Legendary Nom Sao beach is located at the far south end of Sam Roi Yot beach. This beach is very private and has great view of the islands just outside. One of the legends of Khao Sam Roi Yot tells the story like this:

“The giant Mong Li and his wife, who lived on the western coast of the Gulf of Thailand, had promised their daughter independently to Chao Lai and the emperor of China. When the daughter became old enough to marry, both future husbands arrived at the same date. Mong Li then cut his daughter into two halves. Chao Lai turned himself into a hill, while the traditional fruit basket to be presented to a Buddhist monk has turned into the Khao Sam Roi Yot mountains. The islands Ko Chang and Ko Kong on the other side of the gulf were the elephant and the ox-cart with the wedding presents. Nom Sao Island is the part of the daughter’s breasts.”

There are many legends flying around about Khao Sam Roi Yot. However Ko Ram Island and Nom Sao Island‘s silhouette, seen from certain angles looks like a pair of roughly identical woman’s breasts. The view is certainly nice but the beach is well worth a visit in itself due to its shallow waters, white sand and spectacular green mountain backdrop.

Mountain Breeze Villa - Nom Sao Beach - Koh Nom Sao

Koh Nom Sao (Breast milk island) in the foreground and Koh Ku Ram (monkey island) in the back form the silhouette of a young girls breasts from certain angles

Mountain Breeze Villa - Nom Sao Beach

Nom Sao Beach

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